Telnet Modernization

Rapidly enhance legacy telnet apps with modern user experiences.

How Telnet Modernization Works

iFactr telnet modernization translates legacy telnet and ssh apps to modern rugged systems.


Communication is sent from the back-end telnet server to display a screen or preform an action.


Received messages are processes by the telnet modernization rules set.


Screens are natively built with iFactr based on the operating system of the target platform.


Compiled natively for each platform, the application is ready to run on your physical devices.


Check Stock

Delight your customers by delivering outstanding guest services with added product visuals and status indictors.


Work Globally

Hire smart with screen translation that communicates tasks to everyone in their own language.


Delight Customers

Give guests more control with magical experiences on operating systems they are familiar with.


Provide Service

Give field services the tools they need to maintain records and delivery quality customer support.

It Runs Everywhere

From legacy rugged handheld devices running Windows CE to modern operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows Embedded 8 Handheld, your telnet applications are natively optimized, providing un-matched user experiences.

Avoid Lock-In

Use the hardware and OS you want, old or new, whenever you want. Telnet modernization free’s you from being locked in.

On Your Schedule

Support for every device and OS you have, means you can upgrade as needed and in smaller batches.

Clarify With Graphics

Reduce errors with enhanced user experiences using contextual graphics that clarify status, location, and values.

Touch Interface

Drop the stylus and keyboard in favor of the intuitive modern touch interfaces that Apple, Android, and Windows provide.


Serve Guests

Go the extra mile by helping a guest find the product at another store close by and email them directions.

Load Packages

Bring additional data into the workflow to reduce errors and increase productivity.


Ensure Quality

Give greater detail with photos and descriptions of defect locations during quality inspections.


Work Tough

Provide visual progress reports next to tasks to keep the entire crew on task and working efficiently.

Reduce Training

Enhance apps with clear workflows and added features to assist in the training of new workers or processes.

Localization Made Easy

Easily translate your app into multiple languages for reduced labor costs of seasonal workers and multi-lingual foreign workers.

Stay Telnet Fast

Maintain the blazing fast performance of your existing telnet/ssh systems while adding the rich user interface capabilities of modern OS’s.

Reimagine Work

Improve existing apps with new or additional workflows, status indicators, and graphics to increase worker productivity.

Go Live Quickly

Forget the traditional development cycle, you can go from evaluation to production quality apps in a matter of weeks.

It Just Works

Whether you’ve replacing Wavelink on a VT220 or building on top of Manhattan Associates it works with what you’re running.

Fulfill Orders

Increase productivity and reduce errors with clear visual pick lists featuring product images and a clear workflow.


Deliver Goods

Maintain high efficiency even without a connection, to delivery amazing experiences from door to door.


Build Efficiency

Maintain high efficiency even without a connection, to delivery amazing experiences from door to door.


Maintain Health

Ensure patient wellness and manage inventory while delivering superior service with heart.

It Works With Everything

Telnet modernization is capable of migrating systems like Manhattan Associates, Infor, RedPrairie, JDA, Oracle, SAP, AS/400 as-well-as back-end telnet systems running VT100, VT220, VT52, VT520, and VT525.

Immediately Amazing

Applications transform from green screen to modern experiences on real devices, live.

Set up in minutes – No commitments

Getting started is fast and free, and there are no commitments or long-term contracts.

1. Download

Get the free app to plug into back-end telnet/ssh and communicate your telnet modernization needs.

2. Configure

Establish a connection with your back-end telnet/ssh systems and use the simulator to interact with your actual system.

3. Map

Once linked to your telnet/ssh system you will want to map a few screens that you would like to see transformed.